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Alright everyone I just realized that today is National "Get a Different Name Day!  In that case, it's a perfect day for you to check out our Urban Define Yourself knee high socks.  Tons of different names to describe you, some examples of our Define Yourself socks include: Feisty, Bride, Buzzed, Sassy, Diva, Vegan, Lucky, Ninja and much, MUCH more!  These socks are so cool, you can even mismatch different pairs you buy and combine them to get unique phrases like "Wasted Ninja" or "Sassy Dancer", you can come up with endless combinations and laugh while doing so!  CLICK HERE and a Wasted Ninja will redirect you to Urban Define Yourself Socks!

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Lucky Socks

St. Patty's is right around the corner! It's time to find the perfect pair of socks to celebrate! Check out our selection of St. Patrick's Day socks for both ladies and men with multiple different and unique styles by clicking HERE!!!

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Glow In the Dark & Crayola Socks?!

Hey guys, I am super excited to share some of our brand new socks with all of you! We've just received new and obviously awesome socks to make your sock collection even more fantastic! Check out our new Glow In the Dark socks, yes you heard right, they glow in the dark, just expose [...]

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NEW KurB Socks!!

Hey guys, I'm super excited to share some of our brand product with all of you! We've just received some new and obviously awesome socks to make your sock collection even more fantastic! Just in...drum roll please...NEW KurB socks from K. Bell!!!  These amazing socks feature a soft cushion for maximum comfort along with arch [...]

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Thanks Mufasa!

Okay so it's pretty cold outside, which means it's time for some much needed warmer socks.  Check out our insanely huge and always awesome selection of merino wool & cashmere blend socks.  Wool socks for both men and women of course, with all sorts of styles, patterns and lengths available. Knee high, crew, stripes, solids, patterns, dots, argyle, [...]

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Wise Words

“One can never have enough socks," said Dumbledore. "Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn't get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.”-J.K RowlingWise words Dumbledore, wise words....If you're in the same boat as Dumbledore, now's the time to check out all Absolute Socks has to offer!  We definitely have [...]

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Tequila & Cookies

Hey guys, there's a new assortment of funky & fun socks for my fellow sockaholics on our homepage!  We always keep it fresh here at Absolute Socks, we do our best to fulfill all of your sock style desires! Make a statement in any of our Sarcastic Sayings socks, show your edgy side in some [...]

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Today is Argyle Day!

Hey everyone!  I just realized it's Argyle Day, how cool is that?! Click here and check out our collections of argyle socks for both men and women of course!  Crews, dress socks, knee highs, anklets, toe socks, fuzzy and more! Ladies & Mens  Click For Awesome Argyles

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Ho, Ho, No!

Tis the season of rushing around like a chicken with our heads cut off, preparing for the holidays, getting those last minute gifts and stocking stuffers, decorating the tree, stringing up bright lights everywhere and of course getting those cookies and milk for Santa.  So to help make holiday shopping somewhat easier check out our [...]

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New Arrivals??!!!!

Okay we've got some awesome new arrivals to get you ready for the holidays! Disney Holiday Socks, Ugly Holiday Sweater Socks to be exact! Find your favorite Disney characters and rock their awesome socks. We've got Mickey, Olaf from Frozen, Minions, Sesame Street, SpongeBob and Elf on the Shelf! They're super comfortable, warm [...]

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