Birds & Fowls


Where would we be without birds? They're delightful to watch. Some species make great pets. Others, like barnyard fowl and wild game, can be key ingredients in great cuisine.

If you're a birdwatcher, bird lover or just someone who appreciates a mouth-watering Thanksgiving turkey, Absolute Socks can give you something to crow about. We carry a huge selection of men's and women's birds and fowl novelty socks that are almost as beautiful as the special creatures they represent.

If you like visiting farms or munching on fried chicken or roast turkey, we have plenty of socks depicting barnyard fowl. Bird watchers will find socks with temperate-zone birds here, like owls and puffins, as well as their tropical cousins, including flamingos and parrots. From tiny little hummingbirds to magnificent great blue herons, we have bird socks to celebrate just about every size and shape of avian.

Choose from a variety of men's crew socks as well as women's crew socks and knee-highs. We also carry unisex styles, including comfy bird-themed slipper socks.

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