Knee Highs for Soccer, Softball, Volleyball


These sport team socks are designed for soccer, volleyball and softball and contain features to enhance your performance on the field and court. Wicking technology that draws moisture away from the feet and keeps them dry and comfortable are an important feature of these specialized socks. The special advanced technology frees up time so you can focus on the game. These sports socks are especially unique because of their themed designs and special patterns that set you apart from others on the field. Wear a pair of socks featuring puzzle pieces to represent autism awareness, or put on a pair that has baseball and softball logos. If stripes are more your thing, there are several colors and design patterns to choose from, including three traditional stripes at the knee or multiple stripes along the length of the leg. To support breast cancer awareness, wear a pair of sport socks with pink ribbons or a pair of red, white and blue ones to display your patriotism.