Rewards Program


Hey, sock friends! If you’re as obsessed with socks as we are, this program will blow your mind! Our Absolute Socks Rewards Program will earn you points to apply towards store credit, perks, and even free socks! 

If we had you at “free socks,” welcome to the team! You will automatically start earning points every time you buy. You’ll receive occasional updates about your points status so you can redeem them for glorious socks.

Ready to grab some points and start earning? Here’s how it works:

You automatically accumulate points for every dollar that you spend. We maintain your points account and your points can be redeemed towards store credit on future orders. We also run promotions at certain times when your order will be worth extra points or free point giveaways and other fun programs! The point value and redemption is as follows:

$1 spent = 1 point
100 Points earned = $10 off your order

Simple enough! Points can be redeemed in as little as 50 point blocks ($5 at a time). Points expire 6 months after purchase so make sure to use them before they’re gone! You will get an email notification before your points expire to be sure you don’t miss out.

You can check the balance of your reward account and redeem points any time by clicking My Rewards Account.

For further terms and conditions of the program, please see below. 

  • Points are awarded on final order value after any discounts and promotions are used. Shipping charges do not count towards point values.
  • Once points are earned for a completed transaction, there is a 14 day period until they can be used for redemption.
  • Gift card purchases and gift card redemptions are not eligible for rewards points 
  • If order status is marked as "Canceled" or "Declined", all points originally earned for the order will be subtracted.
  • If an order contains a refunded amount, then points will be subtracted based on the refunded amount.
  • If order status is marked as "Refunded" or "Partially Refunded" but there is no refunded amount value, then all points originally earned for the order will be subtracted.


Can I use my points right away?
There is a 14 day waiting period after points are earned before they can be redeemed. This ensures that the transaction has time to fully clear and settle before the points are reconciled.

Do my points have an expiration date?
- Rewards points expire 6 months after you originally earn them. 

Are there opportunities to earn more points than the regular point values?
- Yes, we sporadically send out promotions and incentives to earn double or triple rewards points, as well as special giveaways and incentives. You never know what’s coming!

Can I see my rewards account ?
- Click here to see your current points.

I would like to see full details on the rewards program. Where can I see more info?
- Click here for our full information page on the Absolute Socks Rewards program.

If you have any question at all about the program, please contact us by visiting the Contact Us page for more details.