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We’re celebrating the love for socks by hanging out on Facebook and Instagram admiring all our sock fans’ seriously fierce style.

We wanted to spread the word, so are giving away a $5 store credit when you submit reviews and post photos of your new socks from Absolute Socks.

But can you do us a favor? Get creative as possible with your photos to help spread the love of Absolute Socks and use the hashtag #myabsolutesocks.

Let’s consider it our duty to help all of those unfortunate non-sock people who don’t know what they’re missing out on. 

How to get the $5 store credit? Follow these steps.

  Step 1: Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook.



Step 2: Take a photo of you wearing your favorite socks purchased from Absolute Socks.



 Step 3: Submit your review on our store and post your photo on Instagram and Facebook.

Don't forget to tag us and include and include our official hashtag #myabsolutesocks in your caption.



Step 4: We will contact you to let you know how to claim your $5 store credit. 


So what are you waiting for? Get those socks, cameras and poses ready!