Toe Socks

toe-socks.jpgToe socks are fabulous anytime, but especially when they feature a spectacular amount of pattern and design options to suit everyone's needs. Wrap each individual toe like a glove with these socks. Choose from a camouflage pattern or order a pair of cow toe socks that feature a white background, black spots like a dairy cow, and pink openings for your toes that look like udders. These novelty socks are great to buy for yourself or share with a friend as a fun gift. Walk on clouds with a pair of cloud toe socks, or place the toes into sturdy, denim pocket socks instead. Socks designed to look like flip flops are even an option with this collection. These novelty toe socks are perfect as gifts for kids too. Kids will marvel at the design when they receive their first pair, especially when designed with their favorite color in mind.