Place one of the stylish handkerchiefs offered in this collection inside your pocket and be ready for any occasion. Perfect for wearing to weddings to help fend off tears of joy, these handkerchiefs are nice to have on hand during times when they're needed most. Offer a clean handkerchief to someone nearby as a welcome gesture for someone who needs a nice, suitable way to clear away tears during a solemn event. Made entirely of cotton with stitched fashionable edges, these handkerchiefs are comfortable and versatile. Use them during solemn events that include life-changing moments or after undertaking an intense project in the heat of the sun outside. The handkerchiefs in this collection are machine-washable and extremely durable. Purchase these handkerchiefs in packages of three, six or 12. Handy, affordable, elegant and versatile, this clothing accessory is as timeless as the special and solemn events where they're needed most.

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