Solmate Mismatched Socks

Adam and Eve. Laurel and Hardy. Ham and eggs. Things don't have to be exactly the same to make a perfect pair.

The folks at Solmate understand this perceptive insight and have brought it to the world of socks. At Absolute Socks, we are proud to offer a bounteous lineup of Solmate Mismatched Socks for Women and Men. These trend-setting socks will put you ahead of the pack and make you look and feel great too.

Based in Vermont, the company behind this mismatched socks trend makes its soul-mate socks in Vermont and North Carolina, so you know you will be getting American craftsmanship and quality in every mismatched pair. Mismatched doesn't mean ugly or random, either. The design of these socks involves a little more fashion sense than just snatching a couple of loose socks out of your sock drawer. Although the pattern on each mismatched pair differs, the color schemes are aligned to give a uniquely eye-pleasing look that has a custom look. You will love the choices of vibrant hues and creative designs this line of socks provides.

These socks have been made with the appearance of a specialty knit design, which adds to their allure and charm. Quirky and fun, they are perfect for those who dare to be different and are unafraid to step out in style. Wear them as a wild and crazy pair of New Year's socks or just for everyday use to show you know how to think for yourself.

Made of cotton, nylon and Lycra, these socks are as comfortable to wear as they are easy on the eyes. They are also easy to care for and can be machine washed. We carry these special socks in a variety of styles, including the ever-popular crews and knee-highs.

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