Personalities & Famous Faces

If you or someone you know has been strongly influenced by one of the great men or women in history, you can honor the source of your inspiration with the men's and women's personalities and famous faces socks from Absolute Socks.

Although we are always adding exciting new finds to this collection, you will discover an impressive group of famous names and faces here. From great scientists like Einstein and Tesla to modern politicians like JFK and Bill Clinton, you'll find lots of socks here that will stimulate conversation and maybe even a bit of controversy.

We also have wonderfully designed, colorful socks that depict great artists. In addition, you'll find socks honoring U.S. leaders dating back to the Civil War and the American Revolution and even farther back to ancient Egypt. Our men's socks are available in comfortable crew styles, while our ladies' socks are available in crew and over-the-calf versions.

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