Non Skid Slipper Socks

These fun, nature-themed slipper socks feature insects, animals, ocean creatures, amphibians and more, all on non-skid socks designed to keep your feet from sliding across slippery floors. Little ladybugs make their home in dirt in a design that's perfectly crafted with green accents to offset the bright red ladybugs. Another design features frogs with bright yellow eyes about to leap into the night sky, complete with blue accent colors on the toes and heels. Pink and purple colors accent each other in another design that features medium-sized dolphins swimming in an ocean. Simple but unique because of their non-skid materials, these socks provide protection for anyone unsteady on their feet. Wear these non-skid socks straight out of the shower or bath and appreciate the warmth on your feet on a cold day's night and their ventilated capacity in the summer months. These non-skid slippers are perfect for anyone, but especially the elderly who benefit from having an additional layer of protection on their feet as they safely move from room to room.

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