Non Skid Slipper Socks

Baby, it's cold outside! But no matter what the weather's doing, you will keep nice and toasty inside or outdoors with the Ladies' Nonskid Slipper Socks and Booties. This extraordinarily comfortable footwear bridges the big gap between the comfy socks you wear indoors and the weatherproof shoes and boots you use outdoors. These women's nonskid socks give you all the warmth of your socks but provide superb traction to prevent you from slipping on hardwood or tile floors. In addition, our slipper socks for women will let you dash out into the cold to retrieve a package or anything else without taking the time and trouble to put on boots or other clunky outdoors footwear.

Thanks to our ever-changing product lineup, you can browse everything from knee-high socks with rubber bottoms to low-cut slipper socks that barely reach the ankle. For extra warmth, we also carry women's booties. These no-skid socks for adults are available in a variety of colors, ranging from basic blacks and whites to attention-grabbing reds and yellows that will turn many heads. Here you will find design themes ranging from the whimsical to the classical.

After your morning bath or shower, ease on a pair of our women's slipper socks. Nonskid soles will keep you safe and stable, while cushy linings will keep your feet and toes toasty even on the most frigid mornings. Available in sizes to fit practically all women, nonskid socks make great gifts as well.

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