Prints & Pattern Socks

These rare patterned socks come in a variety of squares and diamond shapes, each accented with a variety of colors that enhance the shapes in a unique way. From simpler black socks with faint gray lines patterned in squiggly brick layered formations to the more elaborate and rainbow-colored checkered patterns, these socks are great for wearing at home, work and the gym. The design variety in this collection turns square- and diamond-shaped patterns on their heads and emphasizes originality. Colorful blocks outlined in black are accented with small yellow and blue squares in one design while another design rotates the diamond shapes into a checkerboard pattern in colors of purple, gold, gray and burgundy and outlines them in gray. Colorful zigzag patterns accented by streaks of black also are featured. This collection's hi-bulk yard construction is fashioned from various blends of polyester, nylon and acrylic and creates unequaled comfort that's parallel to none.