Knee High Waterlily Solmate Mismatched Socks

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Just what you've been asking for!   You've loved our Solmate Mismatched crew socks for years.  The design new for 2016.  Just like the crew socks, these Water Lily Solmate Knee socks have the same colors and pattern on each sock but in a different order making for one cool pair.  These are truly a glorious celebration of color that just keeps on going. The Water Lily Knee socks will comfortably fit calves with up to a 15" circumference.  Made in the USA with pride!  NEW SPRING 2016 .Colors in this sock: kelly green, navy blue, pale pink, lime green, Fits comfortly all calves sizes up to 15". Sizes by shoe size: Small: Women's 6 - 8, Men's 5 - 7 / Medium: Women's 8 - 10, Men's 7 - 9 / Large: Women's 11 - 13, Men's 10 - 12 

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Knee High

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