Kids Solmate June Bug Mismatched Socks (1 pair & a spare)

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Kids Solmate socks come in sets of three - a pair with a spare! They are hand finished & purposely mismatched because life's too short for matched socks. The 3 socks in a pair and a spare are mis-matched. They have the same five colors and same pattern design, but the colors are knit in a different order on each sock. 80% Cotton, 19% Nylon, 1% Lycra / Available in the following sizes: Small - Age 2-5 (Fits shoe size 5 Toddler-11 Kids), Medium- Age 6-8 (Fits shoe size 12 Kids -5 Youth), Large - Age 9-11 (Fits Shoe Size 6 Youth-5 Adult)

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