Holidays & Events

Everyone loves a holiday, and one of the easiest, most comfortable and fun ways to celebrate a special day is with a pair of socks. Whether you wear them yourself or give them as gifts, the holiday and events socks available at Absolute Socks give you practically endless options to mark virtually any important day of the year.

Our holiday socks collection covers all the major winter holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s. You’ll also discover socks perfect for wearing during festive fall occasions like Halloween and Thanksgiving. We haven’t forgotten the spring or summer either. For the wearin’ o’ the green, we stock an outrageously colorful and zany collection of St. Patrick’s Day crazy holiday socks. You’ll also find socks perfect for giving to Dad on Father’s Day as well as items that will create some fashion fireworks when you wear them at July 4 barbecues and gatherings.

These socks come in many styles from anklets and crew socks to knee-highs. Choose from a variety of sizes as well as unisex styles and products crafted specifically for men or women. Hundreds of dazzling designs and dozens of wonderful colors are available.We don’t want to limit you to specific days of the year, so we carry many more holiday socks devoted to your special day or that of a loved one or close personal friend. Our wedding socks make great gifts for the bride and groom or members of the wedding party. Get a pair for yourself to wear to the ceremony too. They are also great for pre-wedding events like engagement luncheons, bridal showers and bachelors’ or bachelorettes’ parties.

Everyone loves birthdays, and we carry loads of birthday socks that are perfect for that birthday boy or gal to wear on their big day. In addition, these socks make unique and affordable gifts that will remind recipients of your thoughtfulness every time they wear them in the years to come. Many of these socks are fun and frivolous, providing just the right note of cheer for the happiest birthday party ever.

You can also find event socks here for more serious matters like the war against cancer. We carry dozens of breast cancer awareness socks that will help raise people’s consciousness and encourage them to fight this dire disease. They are perfect for fundraising events and walks or just for wearing on your own to show you care. In addition, you can find headbands, wristbands and armbands in our cancer awareness collection.

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