Solmate Mismatched Socks

These special Solmate socks for women look almost hand-knit! They're cleverly designed to appear mismatched, while actually being paired to stylish perfection. The company that designs these socks has thought outside the box to create a unique idea, building on a new trend to wear mismatched socks to be stylish. Mismatched socks of different designs are the norm with some trendsetters, and the phenomenon is now gaining popularity among sharply dressed, creative adults, too. Solmate has taken the trend and created a line of mismatched socks for adults that are similar in color but are different in design. These premium socks have the appearance of specialty knit socks for a bold, sharp fashion statement. Purchase these mismatched socks as a gift for the unique person in your life who enjoys bucking convention, and buy a few pair for yourself, too. Though mismatched, these socks have similar colors complete with hip and modern designs and patterns to appeal to adults who like to be youthful in appearance. Available in ankle and mid-zone styles, these socks are colorful and creative and mismatch each other perfectly. Each sock is created by Solmate, which is located in Vermont and uses high-quality materials to design and craft each individual sock.