Slipper Socks w/Non Skid Soles for Women

These specialized socks with non-skid bottoms are designed for women and keep feet warm and toasty in the winter months. Perfect for anyone unsteady on their feet, these non-skid slipper socks provide an extra layer of protection when walking on kitchen or bathroom surfaces. This collection of non-skid slipper socks features cleverly-patterned designs to fit every occasion, and provides some added style and fashion to the feet. Wear a couple black bears on your feet or look like a ballet dancer with socks fashioned to look like shoes. Wear fun cow or frog scenes on the feet, or skid around the house like a bumble bee with a yellow and black striped pattern. Amuse those around you by wearing a chimp and banana design, or wear a Christmas penguin and celebrate the festive season. Christmas socks featuring a puppy are a great gift for the dog lover in your life too. Fuzzy plaid non-skid socks also are available in a plaid design that's perfect any time of year.