Mismatched Socks

No two people are alike - so why should your socks be? Flaunt your individuality and sense of style with the Mismatched Socks for Men and Women from Absolute Socks. Outdoors or inside, these wonderful socks will show everyone you truly march to the beat of a different drummer with your own unique sense of style and color.

We have mismatched socks galore, so you should make AbsoluteSocks.com your mismatched socks store. Choose from a wide variety of ladies' mismatched socks as well as mismatch socks that are equally suitable for gents. Here you will find the right kind of wrong socks for the biggest guy as well as for that special petite little miss.

Matched socks for adults are so yesterday. The trend is toward mismatching socks. Our mismatched pairs of socks make great gifts for anyone who needs to spread their wings and fly. Even though these socks aren't perfectly matched, they have been thoughtfully designed to complement each other in color and design. The result is to turn what could have been an ordinary pair of socks into a unique fashion statement every day you step out in them.

In addition to mismatched sock pairs, you will also find other options for getting even more creative with your footwear here. We sell multipacks of socks that will give you even greater latitude with your artful mismatching. Our mismatched four-packs let you get even wilder and crazier with your sock selections. Wear a different combination every day to keep everyone guessing what kind of crazy color scheme you're going to come up with next.

Made in the U.S. of cotton, acrylic, nylon, Spandex and other sturdy materials, our mismatched socks will never let you down. Choose from a big selection of styles ranging from anklets to over-the-calf sports socks to suit just about any occasion and any taste.

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