Dot Socks

This collection of men's socks has intriguing patterns of unique dots, stripes and oversized colorful bubbles available in a variety of shapes. No matter how many you buy, these stylish socks exude happiness with bright, vibrant colors that perfectly accent each other in a myriad of ways. A broad, bright red stripe rests on the upper calve area of one design and is perfectly accented by sky blue tones on the heel and toe. Large, oversized white bubbles float along a black background in another design. Another pair offers a simple yet satisfying design of medium-sized dots resting against a navy blue background, while another is fashioned from broad red and blue stripes crafted on a comfortable, cashmere blend of material. Perfect for wearing around the house, going to a party, or wearing to work, choose a pair that fits your mood with this unique collection of stripes and bubble patterns.