Argyle Socks for Men


Based on a pattern that originated centuries ago with a distinctive tartan worn by Scottish clans, Argyle socks combine a zesty diamond pattern with a respect for tradition. As such, they are appropriate for many situations. Reserved enough for business use, they are low-key enough for casual wear as well. And thanks to some famous golfers, they are entirely appropriate for that challenging game as well as other leisure-time activities up to and including the 19th hole.

At Absolute Socks, we carry a fine selection of Argyle Socks for Men that does true justice to this traditional sport sock. Browse our Argyle socks for men and you will find men's knee-high Argyle socks as well as Argyle dress socks that are perfect for that big business meeting or a formal night out. Buy a pair or more for yourself or give them as a present to someone special. Wearing any of these Argyles, including our Argyle knee-high socks, men's looks and comfort will get a welcome boost.

Choose from dozens of color and pattern options with our Argyle socks. Men's colors range from muted grays and greens reminiscent of heather on the Scottish moors to bright reds and dazzling yellows suitable for festive holiday gatherings. Made from cotton for comfort blended with synthetics for durability and easy care, these special socks have been carefully crafted to provide maximum comfort and style.