Anklet Socks / Men's

This collection of men's uniquely patterned anklet socks are designed with arch supports that sit comfortably against the foot and add extra support and protection for anyone who has high arches. These socks have a wide range of patterns, including camouflage for hunters hiding in the woods and dancing lines and spaces that create their own fashionable, vibrant pattern that captures the eye. Show your fun, stylish side by wearing a pair of these specially-designed anklet socks to demonstrate your creative pizazz to friends and family members, or share them as a gift. These socks have enough personality and creative charm to jazz up anyone's wardrobe and help make any Monday seem like a Saturday. Designs include a mix of patterns guaranteed to make anyone look twice, camouflage patterns and more. This collection of anklet socks come in several adult sizes, so there's something to fit everyone's unique sock needs.