Crew Socks for Lacrosse, Basketball & More


These highly advanced crew length socks are lightweight so you can be the fastest on the field or court and are perfect for playing lacrosse, basketball and rugby. Wear these socks for maximum support and comfort during the game because of their double welt top and arch compression technology. These socks are unlike other crew length socks because of their available in a variety of designs to fit your personality. Tie-dyed crew socks created with sublimated technology that feature skeletons playing a game are available for purchase, along with black and white socks with large stars or even socks that display a special message about bacon and beer. Various designs of tiger stripes, skulls, lightning bolts, shamrocks, ice cream cones, polka dots and hearts are all available. Wear a pair of vibrant socks with peace signs, or choose a pair of argyle socks with diamond shapes in various sizes, colors and patterns.

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