Dog Breeds


Create a special tribute to man's best friend with this specialized collection of socks that features dozens of different dog breeds. Wear a pair of beagle socks to support the friendly, gentle and even-tempered creature that's eager to see you after a long day at work. Order a pair of socks featuring the Australian cattle dog and showcase its immensely strong, energetic and smart nature. Choose a pair of Samoyed socks that highlight that happy nature of the fluffy animal that always has a smile on its face. From a bearded collie to Labrador retriever to cocker spaniel and dachshund, this collection has a large selection of dog breeds to choose from. Wear your favorite dog breed on your feet and showcase the special furry friend that has anchored its way into your heart or pay tribute to a pet that has passed. This collection has dozens of breeds to choose from to fulfill all your needs.

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