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Sock Size Chart

Thank you for shopping at Absolute Socks.

Most of our socks are ladies size - Adult Medium 9-11 which fits a typical ladies shoe size 5-10. We list sizing per the manufacturer recommendations as it may differ due to fiber content and stretchability factors among other things.

Some socks come in 2 or more sizes. If this is the case, we will note that in the item description. In most cases, adult medium is the ladies size and adult large in the mens size.

If socks are only available in men's size, the name of the socks will include the word MENS in the title. If socks are only available in kids size, the name of the socks will include the word KIDS or YOUTH.

Please Note: Size Charts should be used as a general guideline only. Not all Styles are available in all sizes. See each item description for sizes available.


Ladies Sizes are 9-11 or medium (Ladies Shoe Size 5-10)


Men's Size are 10-13 or Large (Men's Shoe Size 9 & UP)


Kids Socks:

Infants - Age 0-9 months / Shoe Size 0-3
Toddler - Age 9 - 24 months / Shoe Size 3-8
Child - Age 2 -4 years / Shoe Size 8-13
Youth - Age 4-8 years / Shoe Size 1-5

For age 8 and up, they recommend an adult medium size (Ladies) - Shoe Size 5-10.

*** Please note each style of kids socks is ONLY available in sizes listed on the website. The label on the actual socks may list other sizes, but the label is generic and does not mean that the style is also available in those sizes. Please refer to our website for accurate size information.