Miscellaneous Socks / Men's

If you're looking for men's socks that are especially unusual and unique, you've come to the right place. Our miscellaneous page is the best place to find men's novelty socks that are really "off the wall," because this is where we put the socks that defy description! If we're not sure how to categorize them, they end up here. Our inventory may change from time to time, but a small sampling of the unique socks for men that you might find here include socks for bowlers, bicyclists, artists, military men, construction workers, campers, foodies, cowboys, drinkers, music lovers, scrabble players, alien lovers, robot junkies, automobile gearheads and ninjas. What these crazy socks have in common is that they're all well-made with a blend of materials such as cotton, nylon and spandex for optimal comfort, durability and flexibility. And so the women in the audience don't feel left out, we have a large selection of ladies' novelty socks as well. You'll find them in the women's socks section.