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Knee Highs

These one-of-a-kind knee-high socks for women feature a multitude of different styles and options for everyone. Fun and festive, these knee socks are great for a night out on the town with friends, and their whimsical nature are sure to draw special attention because of their creativity. For a bachelorette party, buy a special pair that draws attention to the bride by pointing out who she is with a special message. If headed to a festival celebrating German heritage, wear a pair of socks with a design resembling an old-time Northern European outfit. Wear a pair of green and white socks to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in March, or head to a comic book convention wearing socks covered with comic book expressions. If dressing up as Mrs. Claus or an elf at Christmas, consider wearing a pair of red knee-high socks that have a buckle just below the knee. These knee-high socks aren't just designed to keep your feet and legs warm when headed out for the night, but offer fun, festive patterns and designs to fit every special occasion.